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  • Do I have to participate in the clean up or can I just take the pledge?
    Either/or! Just pledge, or pledge and take action. It's up to you! Both are options when you RSVP.
  • Can I lead my own clean up or do I have to sign up for a clean up zone?
    There are a limited number of pre-established zones that volunteers can sign up to join. Each zone will have a sign in/supply tent, leader, and boundaries for their clean up area. If the zone is listed on the sign up there is still room to sign up for that specific zone. If you want to lead a clean up at specific area that is not listed as a zone, please contact Calleigh Ross at
  • What should I wear and bring with me?
    Reusable water bottle Snack Dress for the weather Closed-toe shoes Sunscreen (Reef safe preferred!) Bug protection Hat/Sunglasses
  • What will be provided at each clean up zone?
    Gloves Safety vest (required for sites with parking lots, streets, and sidewalks) Recycled plastic trash bags First Aid kit Sunscreen Volunteer T-Shirts Leadership & safety information
  • What if I can’t make it to “The BIG Clean Up” on November 12?
    Groups, families, and individuals who aren’t able to participate on November 12th can plan a self-led clean up anytime the week before. Supplies and data forms will be provided. Contact for more information!
  • Can I show up to volunteer without signing up?
    No. All volunteers must sign up through Eventbrite. Due to parking and supply limitations, individuals who do not sign up beforehand will not be allowed to volunteer.
  • I'm not feeling well and/or have tested positive for COVID-19, should I attend my cleanup?
    No. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please follow the CDC recommendations at
  • Who can participate?
    This clean up is great for families, groups, and volunteers of all ages! Clean up zones that are especially family friendly – beaches and parks - are labeled as such on the sign up page.
  • How much experience do I need?
    None! Come prepared to meet new people, explore new places, learn new information, and give back to our community.
  • Are there restrooms on-site?
    A few clean ups sites have public restrooms available such as some of the beach zones and rec centers. There is no guarantee a restroom will be on-site, so please come prepared.
  • Can I arrive late/leave early?
    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event to allow for plenty of time to find parking, walk to the meeting location, and sign in. A brief orientation and safety talk will be given at the start of the event, and we want to make sure all volunteers are fully oriented on project details, safety, boundaries, etc. before they start the clean up. If you need to leave early, please let your site leader know in advance and sign out before you leave, so we know you got back safely.
  • Where do I park?
    A confirmation email will be sent several days prior to all who have signed up for the event. The email will contain a meeting address, parking information, meeting location, and anything else you need to know.
  • Minor under 18?
    Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign them in on the morning of the clean up. Parent/guardian does not need to stay on site if the volunteer is 16 or older.
  • Minor 15 and under?
    Volunteers 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire event and must have their parent/guardian sign a liability form on site.
  • It's raining! Are we still going to volunteer?
    Absolutely! We will be on-site rain or shine. Wear weather appropriate clothing so you can stay dry during the event. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your experience. **Note** Event may be canceled in the event of extreme weather - lightning, heavy rain, or other emergencies.
  • May I bring my pet?
    Pets should be left at home as they are not allowed in many locations and may cause distractions and/or safety hazards.
  • When is the last day I can sign up to volunteer?
    You may sign up until two days prior to the event. We typically send out a confirmation email with details about the event, and we want to make sure you receive any pertinent information. Please note, there is no guarantee that cleanup sites will still have openings at that time.
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